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How to Keep a Halloween Jack-o-Lantern from Rotting

Here is a fun, seasonal science fair project that examines various ways of keeping a carved pumpkin fresh. Can you determine the best way to keep a Halloween jack o lantern from rotting? Purpose The purpose of this project is to see whether or not treating a Halloween jack-o- lantern, or any carved pumpkin, will help keep it from rotting. Hypothesis The hypothesis (because its the easiest to disprove) is that treating a Halloween jack-o-lantern will not keep it from rotting any better than doing nothing at all (the control). Experiment Summary This is a great fall science fair project  since pumpkins are readily available from late summer through winter. You could conduct a similar project during the spring using another variety of produce. Since nothing lasts forever, a good timeframe for collecting data is 2 weeks. If all of your pumpkins rot before then, you may choose to end the data collection phase of this project sooner. Since temperature plays a part in the shelf life of a jack-o-lantern, its possible your pumpkins may last several weeks if kept in cool conditions. If this is the case, your project may run for a month. Keep the time and temperature in mind when planning your science project. Materials The main materials for this project are freshly carved jack-o-lanterns and various pumpkin preservatives. The most commonly applied preservatives are bleach solution, borax solution, petroleum jelly, hairspray, white glue, and commercial pumpkin preservative (if available). You can test any or all of these, plus more  if you can think of other preservatives. You will need pumpkins for every method you test, plus a control pumpkin, which will be carved, but untreated. Experimental Procedure Carve your jack-o-lanterns. It helps if you give them different faces so they are easy to tell apart. Try to scrape as much pumpkin goo as possible from the inside of the jack-o-lanterns so they will be easier to treat with chemicals.Leave your control pumpkin alone. Apply the treatments to the other pumpkins. Either photograph the pumpkins or write down your observations about the appearance of each jack-o-lantern. Pumpkin Treatments Bleach Solution - Mix up enough bleach in water (2 teaspoons bleach per gallon of water) to fill a bucket or tub big enough to submerge your pumpkin. Immediately after carving the pumpkin, soak it in the bleach solution for 8 hours or overnight. Drain the pumpkin and allow it to dry. Each day, spritz the outside and inside of the pumpkin with bleach solution.Borax Solution - Mix up a solution of borax in water (probably 1 teaspoon per gallon) and apply it the same way as you would use the bleach solution.Petroleum Jelly - Smear petroleum jelly (e.g., Vaseline) all over the cut surface of the pumpkin. Reapply once a day if necessary.White Glue - Smear non-toxic white school glue all over the carved pumpkin and allow it to dry.Hairspray - Spray the carved pumpkin, inside and outside, with hairspray. You can reapply the hairspray daily, or not, as you prefer.Commercial Pumpkin Preservative - Follow the instructions on the container.    You can use these methods of applying pumpkin treatments or else you can come up with your own ideas.Each day, take a photo of the pumpkin and describe its appearance. Is mold present or absent? Is there any shriveling? Is the pumpkin getting soft or smelly or showing any other indications of rotting?Continue collecting data until the pumpkins have rotted. Discard the rotten pumpkins. Data The data for this project will be your photographs and observations regarding the appearance of each pumpkin. Results Make a table that shows time in days and whether each pumpkin showed mold, shriveling, or rot. You can indicate the degree of each condition by assigning a numerical value to it, if you like (e.g., 0 no mold, 1 slight mold, 2 moderate mold, 3 totally moldy). Conclusions Was the hypothesis supported? Did the control pumpkin rot at the same time as all of the other pumpkins? Things to Think About If you want a more complex experiment, add temperature as a factor. This will require additional pumpkins. Leave one of each type of pumpkin at room temperature. Refrigerate one of each type of pumpkin or (since that would take a lot of space) leave one of each type of pumpkin in a hot environment.

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Dantes Inferno and the Renaissance Essay - 2380 Words

It is one of the most known and referenced books of its time and is still a commonly read work of literature, but is Dante Alighieri’s The Inferno more that just one man’s interpretation of what hell is like? We know it now as a remarkable piece of literature, but some contend that it was a turning point in writing and how many viewed the world. Claims have also been made that it is an example of how man paved the road out of the Dark Ages and into the Renaissance, the period that shaped a lot of modern thinking. The book was received as a masterpiece and helped change the literary world of it’s time, but was it the book as a whole that helped lead the West out of the dark ages or was it the situations within? While the Divine Comedy was†¦show more content†¦This section of hell can be seen as contradictory to the sentiment that the Divine Comedy was a work that led humanity into the Renaissance. Here Dante is saying that whether or not you are a good pe rson, if you act for yourself only and do not accept God, you are destined to chase a blank banner for eternity and where as Virgil states, â€Å"These people have not any hope of death†¦They envious are of every other fate.† (Dante, 9) As they move onto the first circle of hell he comes to those who are in limbo, even though they aren’t actually sinners, they did not accept Christ or lived before his time. Some of the people who reside here are people like Virgil, Homer, Saladin, Socrates and Plato. There isn’t an active punishment on them per say, but they are punished by the fact they are separated from God. The Renaissance is always noted as a time when the people of the â€Å"modern† world of their time, looked back at the Greek and Roman philosophers and were guided by their teachings of reason. While Dante obviously has great respect for these men and their works, because they didn’t accept Christ as their lord (because they were before his time) they are sent to the first circle in the Land of the Damned. Like those outside Hell, this seems to go against most of the Renaissance ideas in that these great thinkers and philosophers of the old world, even though they weren’t si nners, would still be punished by being separated from GodShow MoreRelatedThe Tragedy Of Dante s Inferno1016 Words   |  5 PagesDante’s Inferno is heavily based on the social and political downgrade of Rome in the 14th century. The poet recognized that civilians in his own city-state were idolizing corrupt politicians and giving into their sinful temptations. Political and religious stability were crumbling and as a result order disintegrated, many started to claim to be the Pope, people were idolizing wealth and corruption, and a majority of relationships were stemmed from adultery. As a result, throughout his cantos, DanteRead MoreThe Divine Comedy1705 Words   |  7 PagesThroughout the Middle Ages, art and philosophy has been lost in darkness, but with the reintroduction of ideas that came with the Renaissance in Italy, brought about a literary revival. One of the writers that influenced this revival is Dante Alighieri, a 13th century poet from Florence, Italy. His world famous epic, La Commedia, or more commonly known as The Divine Comedy remains a poetic masterpiece depicting truth and sin. The Divine Comedy, through the journey into the three hells, expressesRead MoreThe Divine Comedy By Dante Alighieri873 Words   |  4 Pagesand 1321, the year he died. It is considered one of the greatest works of world literature. He wrote â€Å"The Divine Comedy† while he was exiled from Florence, Italy (Bishops 182). â€Å"The Divine Comedy† recounts Dante’s idea of the afterlife. It is written in a first person perspective and follows Dante’s journey through Hell, Purgatory, and Heaven. At the time Dante wrote the Divine Comedy, Italy was going through a political struggle between two groups. Dante used the conversations with souls so he couldRead MoreDante And The Road Of Humanism1347 Words   |  6 PagesDante and the Road to Humanism During the Renaissance, the ideology of humanism became extremely popular. After the black plague people presumed that God had abandoned them. As a result, they began to search for their own answers through observation and experimentation; this method was called empiricism. Through this, man began to place himself at the center of the universe instead of God. Individuals began to embrace their own talents and spend less time worrying about the next life and moreRead MoreDante and Machiavelli Essay1084 Words   |  5 PagesDante and Machiavelli define opposite sides of the Renaissance in several ways.   Certainly the former believes that God will reveal all and call people to account for their behavior, while the latter gives every sign of believing in no God and supposing that scrupulous behavior only makes one a target for ruthless exploitation.   This difference in the two could be expressed in terms of religious faith—but they could also be said to have differing views of human nature.   Try to get to the heart ofRead MoreMedieval Vs. Renaissance Literature1323 Words   |  6 PagesMedieval and Renaissance Literature The medieval literature is a clear depiction of the Christian’s changed perception in relation to Christ’s second coming. Initially, the majority of the readings focused entirely on three aspects that resonate around Jesus’ second coming, an anticipated resurrection for the faithful and the ultimate judgment. Judgment in this case was beyond human comprehension and it was regarded as God’s preserve. With the ‘second coming’ becoming extremely remote, middleRead MoreDantes Expedition of Revenge in The Divine Comedy1033 Words   |  4 Pagesjourney that was motivated by acrimony, revenge and retribution. The Divine Comedy is a story of Dante’s expedition through the afterlife with the help from a Roman poet, Virgil. In the Divine Comedy living in Hell is the same as living on earth in poverty today. Today, there are many politicians who are trying to help with the welfare of poverty, but they never follow through with their goals. Throu ghout Dante’s life on earth he witnesses the corruption of the church and power given to higher authoritiesRead More Divine Comedy - The Trinity in Dantes Inferno Essay2097 Words   |  9 PagesThe Trinity in The Inferno      Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   Dantes Inferno, itself one piece of a literary trilogy, repeatedly deploys the leitmotif of the number three as a metaphor for ambiguity, compromise, and transition. A work in terza rima that details a descent through Nine Circles of Hell, The Inferno encompasses temporal, literary, and political bridges and chasms that link Dantes inspired Centaur work between the autobiographical and the fictive, the mundane and the divine and, from a contemporaryRead More Inferno as a Manifestation of the Pain of Dante Alighieri Essay1502 Words   |  7 PagesInferno as a Manifestation of the Pain of Dante Alighieri Dantes Inferno was a great epic poem of the early Renaissance. It was known for its astute commentary on political and religious levels, both deeply woven into the work through allegory. Inferno, written in 1314 by Dante Alighieri, was the first canticle of the Divine Comedy. Dante called it a comedy both because of its happy ending and its style, which lies between that of the tragedy and that of the elegy.(Vossler, 665)Read MoreEssay on The Allegory of the Cave and Dante1251 Words   |  6 Pagesthe poet Dante Alighieri, writer of The Inferno in the 1300s, because it asserts the need to establish oneself as a contributor to society. Indeed, Dante’s work contributes much to Renaissance Italy as his work is the first of its scope and size to be written in the vernacular. Due to its readability and availability, The Inferno is a nationalistic symbol. With this widespread availability also comes a certain social responsibility; even though Dante’s audience would have been familiar with the

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Swot Analysis A Swot - 2576 Words

SWOT ANALYSIS: A SWOT analysis is a process where we can find strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats involved in a project. This analysis can be used for a product and place. The main use of this analysis is to find out all the four main specifications which can review the project easily Strengths: Project manager has to analyse swot analysis. Strengths give you more confident of completing the project irrespective of weakness. When you look back previous SOH project the project manager UTZON is very talented. He had design the most brilliant sculpture which is a great innovation to the modern day world. It has created many more opportunities and revenues to the government. Strengths and weakness comes under the internal factors.†¦show more content†¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¢ Using inconsistent brand items makes you to increase your weakness. Opportunities: †¢ Exploiting the project and creating opportunities will be the better way to run the project. If you do have more opportunities you can work to a larger extent and satisfies the customer. †¢ Decreasing the man power and increasing automated instruments will makes you to complete the task very fastly. †¢ Making use of internet helps you to exploit more opportunities. Threats: †¢ From the external sources threats may be created which causes to trouble for the project. The main aim of the project is to minimize the threat. †¢ Competition from the leading organizations have most of the threats. †¢ Maintaining the much better brand value comparing with others gives you lot of credibility among the customers. Question 2: Project member is the only person which holds responsible for every aspect of the project. He contributes everything for completing the project successfully and also ensures all the team members are working efficiently or not. Project manager has to be intellectual and skilful administrating the project . Negotiation skills: †¢ Project manager has to negotiate with the directors and key stake holders for bringing common understanding between them. †¢ During the negotiation manager should have clear idea about what he was presenting. Some research is done before you present the report, expressing your views clearly make the positive

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Archaic language Essay Example For Students

Archaic language Essay Lochinvar and Le Belle Dame Sans Merci are two Romantic poems that claimed popularity in the movement of Romanticism simply because they were short in length, they both tell a story and contain a plot, they were fashionable for the Romantic movement also they were easy to remember and recite. The main and most obvious similarity between the two poems is that they are Romantic. The Romantic period began about 1798 and ended approximately around 1832. Romantic poetry concentrated on nature, feelings and emotions. Furthermore the subject matters of the supernatural and medieval were used. It was a break with the old tradition, that was until the Victorian movement moved in and people, actions, outward morality and reason were more important. Poems such as Porphyrias Lover were written during the Victorian movement. One of the main differences between the two poems would be that Le Belle Dame Sans Merci is a ballad whereas Lochinvar uses rhyming couplets and archaic language. In addition Le Belle Dame Sans Merci could be described as being tragic and heart-rending where Lochinvar is the perfect fairytale with the idyllic ending. Le Belle Dame Sans Merci can be considered a ballad because of its tragic content, the inclusion of a knight and the effective use of natural imagery. It is broken into four line stanzas as ballads usually are and a regular rhythm. Additionally each of the four line stanzas describes a separate incident in the poem, breaking it up into small, short scenes. Le Belle Dame Sans Merci rebels against being a ballad in a few ways. One of the most important being that it does not follow the expected rhyme scheme of A B A B; instead it goes A B C B. Lochinvar is also written in the style of a ballad to some extent. It is more of a folk style of writing. Some examples of this would be when, The bride kisses the goblet, and, He stayed not for bracken, and he stopped not for stone. There is also some archaic language used, such as, ere, ye, saith, twere better by far, and quoth. Archaic language is generally used to crate a Scottish accent and emphasise medieval subject matter. The Scottish element supports the idea of the folk style of writing. The rhyme scheme used in this poem is rhyming couplets adding a steady rhythm to the poem. There is also a small amount of natural imagery used. The story of Lochinvar tells a tale of a knight who goes and rescues the woman that he loves from her wedding. Lochinvar wants to get married to Ellen. Ellen has just been married but Lochinvar turns up at the wedding reception. It is clear that Lochinvar and Ellen are in love. They dance with each other at the wedding reception but Ellens mother and father are not at all pleased with this. It is at this point that they run away together. Their families attempt to follow them. The main characters in Lochinvar would be Ellen and Lochinvar. Lochinvar is a Scottish Lord and Knight. He is very brave and bold. We know this because, He rode all unarmed and, he rode all alone, also He stopped not for break, and he stopped not for stone, and He swan the Esk River where ford there was none. There is some speculation that he could be dangerous. We know that Ellens family is quite well off, the live at Netherby Hall. And Ellens parents do not approve of Lochinvar.

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11 Tips for Surviving a Miserable Job

11 Tips for Surviving a Miserable Job Work is work, not play. That’s why it’s called work. But there’s a difference between work being work and having to work a really miserable job. We’ve all been there. Here are 11 ways to tough it out in a job you hate- at least until you can get another one.1. Vent it OutAs long as you don’t do it at the office or with your coworkers or too publicly (ahem, on social media), it can be a really good thing to rant and rave and get your feelings off your chest rather than letting them fester. If you’ve already annoyed your friends with your work gripes, try a forum like Realize it’s Only TemporaryYou’re only stuck there until you can find another job. Start looking. The average number of jobs a typical worker has in their career is growing to five. And there is no longer a stigma about switching jobs or careers like there used to be. Get out there and start working on your resume and soon this bummer job will be way i n the past.3. Make Time for YourselfAll work and no play will make you miserable, no matter what your work is. Make sure you’re taking care of yourself and taking time to do things you find enjoyable. If you build these activities into your day, it’ll be a lot easier to get through.4. Find Something Fun in Your WorkdayGive yourself a daily treat at the office, whether that’s listening to music at your desk, buying yourself  a snazzy lunch, keeping track of your sports team, playing the occasional round of chess against your computer†¦ just something to break up the day. Find something you like that will give you a few minutes of fun among the drudgery.5. Keep LaughingYour sense of humor is your best friend in rough times. Don’t lose sight of it. Sometimes laughter really is the best medicine. Find a way to keep a hold on perspective and keep laughing. Your situation is manageable and can be changed. Just keep your chin up and stay positive.6. Focus on Your Real LifeChances are you have plenty going on outside the office. Put your main focus on that stuff for a change. Don’t take your bad job home with you; leave work at work and make sure your outside life is rich and rewarding. And fun.7. Try to Do BetterIf you hate your job, it’s probably really hard to motivate yourself to excel. But being better at your job will actually help you move jobs- whether up the ladder at your current company, or to another one entirely. Put your hating energy into working harder and your problem might just solve itself.8. Don’t Screw UpYou hate your job, but the last thing you want to do is get fired. Be doubly careful not to put your job in jeopardy while you’re figuring out what to do next. Whatever you do, don’t let your performance slip. You’ll probably need a reference.9. Organize a Fun Night OutGet your coworkers to all go bowling, or to a movie, or to have a potluck picnic in the park. Chances ar e they’re probably as miserable as you are on the job. Get together, share some laughs, and feel a little better about life.10. Get HelpWorkplace stress can be a major factor in depression. Check to see whether your company has an EAP (Employee Assistance Program) and get some professional help to see you through. A happy worker is more productive, obviously. Plus, it never hurts to talk things out with the pros.11. Be PatientYour bad job sucks, but you only have to cope long enough to find a new job. Devote yourself to that, but leave the rest of it at the office. You can get through 9-5 every day for a few weeks until you find something new. Hang in there.

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Comparison of Women Status essays

Comparison of Women Status essays In addition to age, gender is one of the universal dimensions on which status differences are based. Gender is a social construction that specifies socially stereotyped roles that men and women are to follow. Women have always had lower status than men, but the extent of the gap between the sexes changes across cultures and time. In ancient Greek civilization, the role of women varies obviously from pre-classical times to the classical period. There was a huge social distinction between the women living in this society. Generally, there were three status levels a woman could evaluate in Ancient Athens; a citizen, a freedwoman and a slave. Citizen women gained their citizenship at birth by being born from parents who were also citizen. This kind of women generally known as respectable and had to follow specific codes regarding their public and private behavior. Freedwomen consisted of the slaves who had acquired their freedom or foreigners from other countries who had settled in Greece to live. Lastly, slaves were mostly foreigners who had been captured from conquered areas or were children of slaves. In Islam religion, there is no social distinction between women living in society obviously. On the other hand, wealth is an effective component which create social distinction between women. Greek women had not have a chance to control own right. If they were married, control went to their husband. If they divorced, control and rights went back to their father. The primary duty of respectable women were in charge of houseworks for instance, raising children, making family clothes etc. Society limited the women time at outside home. "Women run households and protect within their homes what has been carried across the sea, and without a woman no home is clean or prosperous. Consider their role in religion, for that, in my opinion, comes first ...

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Financial analysis case study Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Financial analysis case study - Essay Example At the same time there is a belief that chairman statement serves no purpose from the point of view of shareholders. It is a sort of ritual to inaugurate the reporting and review process in the annual report. There is no legal requirement for a chairman statement to be a part of an annual report. It is more of a customary part of the annual report. ‘The chairman report is largely qualitative in character. The other documents report what happens, this one offers an explanation of the company’s results. The accounts and other statutory reports present historic information on how the company fared in the previous accounting period, while the chairman will comment on future prospectus and plans.’ (Christopher Murphy, page 177)1 Directors Report is a central section of prime importance of an Annual report. It is prepared annually and in case of parent company directors’ report will be for the entire group called ‘group directors’ report. ‘Directors’ report deals with significant development in the company’s business operations during the reporting period. This is effectively a review of business and an opportunity for the board to comment on the financial results of the company in terms of its sales and profits, and to explain material matters such as exceptional items.’(Thomas A Lee, page 170)2 In accordance with the provisions of sections 415 to 419 of Chapter 5 of Part 15 of the Companies Act 2006, a directors’ report must contain the following information: i) trends and factors affecting company’s future development, performance and position of business, information about environmental matters, company’s employees and social and community issues, and information about important contractual and other business arrangements. ‘In addition to the above legal requirements, a directors’ report should also include information required by the stock exchange. As an option some companies include additional